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What happens if the equipment gets damaged?
What happens if the equipment gets damaged?

Learn all about finloup's policy in case of damage.

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If your equipment is damaged during your leasing period, you will have to send it to finloup so we can proceed with the repair.

You will find detailed instructions for returning your equipment to finloup here. If you wish to receive a replacement device, please let us know and follow the instructions found here.

After it is returned to us, our technical partners will check the device and proceed with the necessary repair.

For the first (1st) case of damage, we use your guarantee deposit to pay for the equipment’s repair, and we cover any extra cost it might need.

You cover the entire repair cost if your equipment is damaged a second time (2nd) during your leasing period. If the first repair cost were smaller than your guarantee deposit, we would use the remainder for the second repair.

You will receive email updates at each stage of the repair process.

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