What is the f-protect coverage for businesses?

Use the equipment care-free with coverage in case of damage.

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When you lease your business tech equipment with finloup you don’t just enjoy financial benefits, but you can also use your devices carefree!

The f-protect offers you coverage in case of damage without any extra cost.


Every device you lease from finloup comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers any software and hardware issues that may occur.

f-protect offers a warranty extension for the entire duration of the leasing plan.

If there is any dysfunctionality that hasn’t been caused by misuse, the repair of the device is covered.

Coverage in case of damage

f-protect covers one (1) repair of the device in case of accidental damage within 12 months.

If the products are damaged beyond normal use (e.g. broken screen or water), the guarantee deposit you paid at the start of the leasing plan is used to repair them, and any extra cost is paid by finloup.

The cost of the second (2nd) repair is covered completely by the client.

Replacement device

f-protect includes a temporary replacement device for as long as it takes to repair the device you lease.

The temporary device we offer you has the same or similar characteristics as the device you lease.

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