The application process for sole proprietorship

Open banking assessment process

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If you own a sole proprietorship and are self-employed, your request is evaluated through the open banking process.

You will need to log in to your main bank and give finloup read-only access to your data, in order for us to assess your financial profile. See the step-by-step process below:

Choose your primary bank.

We suggest you connect the bank account where you receive your income.

open banking assessment process

Click «Continue» to get redirected to your e-banking.

leasing assessment process

Log in with your e-banking credentials.

ebanking leasing assessment

Give your consent and provide access to all the available accounts and cards.

open banking assessment leasing

After this, you wait for a few seconds for our algorithm to assess your data. Once the process is complete we'll get back to you in one working day with the result and the next steps.

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