Ownership options

You can own the equipment you lease for your business. Learn about your options here.

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Both finloup’ s leasing plans include an ownership or a purchase option.

When you lease a device from us, finloup is the exclusive owner of the product. You can make your equipment your own, with one of the options below.

12 months plan

Finloup's 12-month plan has a minimum duration of 12 months. At the end of the plan, the business has the option to purchase the devices.

In this case, you need to let us know of your wish to buy your equipment by email. Finloup will make you a personalized offer, which will be formed based on the commercial price of the products at the given time and taking into account factors such as the guarantee deposit and the monthly payments that have been made so far.

1+ months plan

In this plan, you can own the equipment if you keep your lease for 24 months, by paying one more symbolic monthly payment.

If your guarantee deposit hasn’t been used for any repairs, we take it into account as the symbolic monthly payment + one month of your plan, so you can own your devices in 23 months!

So, when you have completed 24 months of leasing the devices, you stop paying and own them forever.

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