What type of business can lease with finloup?

See how finloup' s leasing service benefits the different kind of businesses.

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If you have your own company or work in a decision-making position in a company, you may be wondering if leasing your business’s electronic devices is the right choice for you. 🤔

The truth is that tech leasing is for any scale of business, as it comes with many benefits. Below you can see in detail how tech leasing serves different types of businesses.

What type of business can lease with finloup


Freelancers benefit from quick and easy access to premium tech. This means they can use the latest and most outstanding models for their work and thus compete in the big leagues.

Also, leasing tech means that freelancers can spend their money wisely, with low monthly payments, no hidden costs, and no long commitment. Furthermore, they can have access to high-end devices that are really expensive, without having to take on a loan.

Freelancers can also enjoy the latest and up-to-date equipment by frequently upgrading to the most recent models. Thus they are not committed to devices that may not serve them for 1-2 years and they easily compete with the big leagues.

Last but not least, they can enjoy their equipment with peace of mind, knowing that finloup covers any unexpected repair costs.


Startups have unique needs because of the business model they follow. That is why leasing their technological equipment is a no-brainer for these companies.

Technology leasing offers startups the low costs and flexibility they need to proliferate. By leasing the team’s electronic devices, startups do not have to pay an excessive amount upfront to purchase them, and they can turn CapEx into OpEx, thus being able to allocate their available resources to boost growth.

At the same time, startups can be flexible in how long they keep their devices and how many devices they use at times, depending on the composition and needs of the team. Leasing is ideal for their fluid environment as they can scale up and down at any time to meet their changing needs.

SMBs and Medium Enterprises

Companies benefit from leasing their equipment, reducing costs and improving their cash flow.

High-end technology comes with high costs that companies must pay upfront when purchasing their equipment and high maintenance/disposal costs.

By leasing their equipment, companies use the latest tech without paying a huge amount upfront while benefiting from zero maintenance or disposal expenses.

In addition, companies can offer their employees comfort and ease of work with the newest models, as they can constantly upgrade the equipment. As a result, the productivity and competitiveness of the team increase.

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